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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 24, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and a mennonite father and his two tone age sons from peach bottom, pennsylvania, were working preparing to move it to tanker trucks for spreading on the crop land on the 200-acre farm. when they failed to return to the pennsylvania home around dinnertime, family members called the maryland farm family. >> and they went to the area of the manure pit and found the father's pickup truck still running and the tractor that they were sign working around and that is between 2-2:30. the immediate thought was that they might be in that manure pit. >> reporter: rescue personnel from several counties and neighboring farmers worked all night to pump the waste out of the manure pit. one-by-one, the farmers were identified. 45-year-old glen nolte, his 18- year-old son calvin and 14-year- old son klees new york city this neighboring farmer wonders if wednesday's weather may have
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contributed to the accidental death. >> raining on and off, the ground was very slippery. the grass, concrete, whatever he was working on and walking on. i am assuming -- that is how they fell n. >> the maryland state police see no evidence of foul play and don't know whether one family member may have slipped in first ands others perished in rescue efforts. the state medical examiner's office will autopsy all bodies but they may never know what precisely caused all three members to parish in the manure pit on this dairy farm. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a group of d.c. firefighters feeling better after getting sick on the job last night. eight suffered respraitory and eye problems after responding to a fire on hey street northeast. investigators believe it may have been a pcp lab.
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the spokesman told us they are able to go to work. and a campaign for mayor gray pleading guilty and howard brocks admitted he lied go about payments made to another candidate, brown. and matt ackland is live with more. matt? >> reporter: as you were saying, brookes is the second gray campaign worker to admit that he was involved in a plan to pay former candidate brown to attack then-mayor fenty at the time. the court wrapped up and this is some shots plaintiff brookes. he said he was guilty of paying to the fbi when -- and we're learning it was thousands in play and they admitted to working together. one thing interesting, brian, revealed in court, is that brookes admits he was instructed to carry out the
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illegal activity and we're not able to find out who instructed them on do so. his attorney agreed that he didn't come up with the idea or the plan and that he was pulled into it. >> i think he hit the point where he realized that, you know, it was time to accept responsibility for what he did and that he made a serious mistake and he wanted to get it back on the right track. today was the first step in that direction. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney ron meachum issued a statement after the hearing was complete. i'll read it to you. although mr. brookes' conduct was egregious, he deserves some credit for owning up to his mistake and eventually telling the truth. it's clear, brian, that brookes and gore are helping prosecutors as they continue the case. for example, today, howard brookes, it looks like, many say, could have been charged with other crimes here and that
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appears he could serve six months only, maybe less if he cooperates with authorities as they continue to pursue this case. a 49-year-old charged with six different burglaries in bethesda. all buildings were broken into and made the connection. the teen suspect was call caught after allegedly stealing an ipad to the house. and you heard of a getaway car. what about a getaway beak? 's suspect rotted off on a bike share bike this week and that victim was talking to a. >> i joy phone and never hit the brakes. the police are still looking for the suspect. and attorney general eric holder attended a graduation ceremony where the honorees were saluted for staying clean and sober, rewarded for completing the strict conditions of drug course. >> reporter: if you have to
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come to d.c. superior court, chances are it's not for something positive but for a select group of people, today was a different story. >> reporter: quite likely most if not all, once stood here in handcuffs and shackles, strangled by drugs and looking for any way out. >> the court has been a dressing to me and when i first walked in, i knew i had a problem and. >> reporter: they received their diplomas and a gift they were promised from the start. >> request with the court's mission, the united states would like to -- the case of ivan carter. >> reporter: a latin turn meaning will not prosecute. >> i am proud to report the results of this drug court and those around the country have been cleared. three quarters of the graduates nationwide are able to reavoid rearrest for two years after
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the program. and studies suggest drug court can reduce crime as much as 45%, more than any other option. 45%. >> reporter: and she was among the group to get her diploma. eight months ago, she was strung out on pcp. >> when i was on the street and that light didn't come on. >> until her arrest last september 11th. >> especially for my kids, i need a clean and clear mind. i have teenagers and grandkids. it was time to break the chain. >> reporter: this is the irony. as she accepted her dip prime a she recruited an aspect drug poem she -- recited an antidrug poem she wrote herself at the age of 13. >> does it make you hip to put a joint between your lips, will does it make you happy to impress your friends or will they be there to the end. a place where only can you go and a place that could have
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been avoided by a simple no. no, we had to get involveed and use drugs and left us with -- don't get involved&and don't get involved with none of that. take my advice, earn your -- the honest way. >> paul wagner, fox 5 news. a major mile stone for metro and a bus driver turned hero. and that is what you saw on fox 5. >> reporter: metro is investing $5 million to improve the bus service. they dubbed it, better bus and starting on june 17th, the transit agency will begin running new metro extra routes on the busiest lines. during rush hour, the routes will have limited stops allowing buses to provide faster and more reliable service. this weekend, good news and bad news. metro will complete work on the guarded eight switches, making
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it safer for free trains to go from one track to another and federal regulators recommended they be replaced five years ago after a train derailed at mount vernon square. unfortunately, metro said, the single tracking and weekend closures will continue. >> there is a lot more behind it and we'll see a work-type of effort because we have a lot to do. >> and rounding things up on a good note, metro honored the bus operator ed win roughin and he first spoke to fox 5 last month. the general manager thanked him for his agrees under pressure that saved a man's life. he stopped his bus after seeing a man laying in the street and gave him cpr and ordered passengers to call 9 learn. the victim was one of five people injured in a string of harm attacks in the pet worth
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neighborhood. afterward, it's nice to get the recognition and he was trying to help some. brian? >> and fox 5 always monitoring metro. if you have a story idea or tips, sunday it to fox5 free guns are being given away free online and a current nfl star sharing too much information. and we would like to trend some of the thunderstorms out of the forecast and there are more to the south producing heavy rain from warrenton and we'll get you an update on radar and the memorial weekend forecast. next.
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. an nfl star accused of sharing too much information and a new site giving away free guns. shawn yancy is in the web center to show us what is trending at 6. >> reporter: starting off with that first. the conservative news site the daily collar is giving away a new 50 -- free pistol every week and they're engraved with the bill of rights to celebrate
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the sec amendment. the winners will have to pass a background check. and an nfl star got personal on twitter and is being criticizeed for it. the buffalo bills wide receiver tweeted a picture of his hiv and hepatitis results this week. the good news, they were negative and he's being criticizeed for oversharing. the tmi and he said he's trying to convince others to go out and get tested. forget satin pumps or strappy sandals, the newest wedding shoes made by uggs and that is interesting. the club released their i do collection and that is getting mixed reviews on twitter and some say that it's simple and easier to dance in those than in strappy heels. i don't know about that. >> that is your big day. and that news edge. the jury found the 30-year-old
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christy littleford guilty of felony hit-and-run in the death of the bicyclist pedigrew. she was killed in early 2010 when she was riding the bike. at that the thatime, she was running for the u.s. senate in maryland as a green party candidate and. up next, a little boy learns that superheroes come in all forms. how comic books helped convince him to overcome something he didn't like about himself. out and phillip phillips wowed america and winning "american idol" and did it while battling chronic kidney problem. he had eight surgeries since the idol competition began. he's only hitting 50% now and imagine what he'll do when he's back in health.  we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
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. little boys imagine themselves as superheros and a special needs boy from new hampshire has gone from being a fan of comic book characters to becoming onicca interviews us to anthony -- erica interviews us to anthony smith who is known as blue ear. >> watch it. >> reporter: he might look like your average four-year-old. >> nice work. >> but anthony smith has an alter ego and that is gaining him a lot of attention. >> who is your favorite superhero? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this is blue ear and he's anthony's favorite because he's the inspiration behind the superhero's creation. >> and they made blue year after you. what do you think? >> good. >> it was good? >> yeah. >> reporter: anthony was born with a chromosomal disorder leaving him with several abnormalities, and one is hearing loss. he has no right here and partial hearing in his left and
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when he started wearing the hearing aid he calls blue ear, things started looking up. he began talking, attending school, overcoming his limiting as. so you can imagine his mother's heartbreak three weeks ago when he said he didn't want to wear it anymore. >> he said superheros don't wear blue ears. >> in the in, she e-mailed marvel comics and the next day, they sent her this guy features hawkeye. >> and -- >> oh, my gosh, he's wearing a hearing aid. >> reporter: and they showed anthony and hawkeye teaming up and it was this one showcasing blue ear wearing the hearing aid giving him power. >> that is bet jeer and that encouraged him to keep his hearing aid in and to use it to do great things like a real superhero. >> and fight bad guys and help people. >> when you have this thing, which some makes him want to
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wear it and to feel good about it is amazing. >> and he inspired the school and that will teach the other hearing impaired children not to be held back. >> and that is a brill can't story. the same spots hit the last couple nights and they getting hit again. faulkier and culpeper county and to the winchester area, heavy rain is beginning to fall again and starting you out with radar and that flood perspective, the 2-d perspective and to get your bearings in d.c., warrenton with a break and they're moving north at 15 miles per hour and to the east of front royal, strong storms, too, and some lightening in addition to the heavy rain that is produced
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and we're concerned, these are areas with flash flooding the past couple of nights. an inch of jane doable and if you're -- an inch of rain is doable and this is another perspective and this is what the storms look like in three dimension and you will see them growing here. what looks like flames, the updrafts of the storms and that gives us an idea of whether they're in the process of strengthening or weakening and they pulsed up pretty well and may be a few are starting to get less intense and they coming across faulkier county and that is the bulk of the rain and they're headed into prince william county. monasses with a lot of heavy rain and there might be more another 30 minutes or so and to that winchester area and lightning and that is the
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bigger concern and this is a two-hour lapse in the lightning and the last few rains here and that is looking like they beginning to weaken and that is not much for the metro area, south and west and steadily moving. a couple of hours here on the eastern shore here and there and that is why we have to kept thunderstorms in the forecast again this evening. a few more coming from the richmond area and they seem to turn more to the east and we'll watch radar and let you know if there is going else to keep an eye out for and with that 83 degrees and 81 now and getting ready for a hot weekend and a couple of thunderstorms around and that is not for everyone but south, we're watching that line come to that immediate metro area and with that 76 at 9:00 and winding down by 11 and
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because the last few nights featured the long-lived heavy producing thunderstorms, we're going to keep an eye on the severe thunderstorms and 68 degrees, up to 86 degrees tomorrow and if we have a storm, they're isolated and this is a pattern that ends and that is a hot pattern. at 8 in the morning and fog at 72 and by noon, 82 and tomorrow's high temperatures, 86 and if you're heading to the ocean, i want to you know it might be cooler out there. i think saturday and sunday are looking terrific and because it's 66 degrees, the air temperature might be in the 70s to near 80s and with that mix of clouds and sun. storm free the most part. memorial day might feature a couple of afternoon thunderstorms at the beaches this weekend and with that quick look of your future cast. by 11:00, it's out of here and anything tomorrow we so is fairly spotty and that is going onspo into the weekend as well,
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to and the five-day forecast, we're warming up. are you ready to hit 90 degrees? it will be the first time this year if it happens on saturday and how about 91 on sunday, memorial day, 92 and with that chance of thunderstorms on memorial day and on tuesday, 89 and hurricane season starts june 1st, brian, and no other released prediction today and they calling for nine to 15 named storms and this is a normal season if that happens. one to three major storms and that would be anything over 111 miles per hour. so, we hope that they stay away from the east coast and i would tell you that that is under what they predicted the last several years is any if el nino were to develop in the summer that would diminish them greatly. >> we'll be right back.
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. >> hi, i'm dave feldman. tomorrow, they'll face the braves the first time all season and that is a showdown of the top teams in the nl east and atlanta's in action tonight
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against the reds. last night, nats and phils, bottom of the 5th, nats trail 2- 0. juan pierre to deep right and with that good jump. loves it and bottles it. catches it. and showing great concentration. to haul it in after it squirts out of the glove. the top of the 6th after danes -- danny espinosa doubled and harper with the base hit to right. espinosa's waived home and to -- who puts the tag on espinosa and nats fall on the finale, 5- 2 and the lower right leg needed to be wrapped in ice. ho this is the nats' manager on the key play of the game. >> and i doubt he's going to hook here hauling, and took a heck of a play. the only thing -- on 2nd base on the play. >> and on july 25th, the nfl pa and the owners inched a new collective bargaining agreement for 10 years. this week, the nfl pa went back to court, claiming the two
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thirty two team his secret salary cap in place and cost players at least $1 billion in wages. >> we look at what the facts are as we know it and the 32 teams are defendants in the action right now and if there is evidence, that is developed later on that would demonstrate that any one of those teams did not abide by the conspiracy. then my guess is the teams will make the appropriate assertions and we'll see where we end up. >> and why is the until going court? nhl play-offs last night, rangers and lundquist. the rangers brad richards inexplicably takes a shot of his own goalie and one with the save. richards, my bad, five minutes ago and steven centers. ryan carter scores and lundquist with the double in front, 5-3 and travis blocks
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the shot and goes ahead and he scores the empty nest. devils defeat the rangers 5-3 and lead the series three games to two. and. the heat-pacers are game 6 tonight. the hot will be playing with out adonis, houseman and pitman. >> one last look at the forecast, sue. memorial day weekend, a hot one, brian and temperatures will be at or above 90 on saturday, sunday, and monday. and, again, we're still watching a few thunderstorms this evening. it looks like that pattern is going to wind down. >> thank you. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors alall adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful.
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thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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